Tennis players and Google

28 Jun

Watching tennis can be quite time-consuming – I’ve realized this due to having to study for an exam while Wimbledon has been going on. Quite a task I’ll have you know, and also the reason for my blog entries being so few and far between. Nevertheless, the exam went well and I plan on making up for my lack of entries over the next three or four days.

 The very handsome, Greek-god-like Feliciano Lopez who despite making one of the more successful runs of his career at this Wimbledon – he took out three-time former finalist, Andy Roddick and today staged a comeback from two sets down against Lukas Kubot – has been in the news over the past week or so mainly for his attractive looks, the moniker Deliciano, and a few unsavoury lines from Justin Gimelstob about Lopez’s fixation on his looks, which Gimelstob has since claimed “were taken completely out of context”.  This seems to often happen to Justin Gimelstob.  Much of the furore about the physical appeal of Lopez, occurred as a result of Judy Murray and Andrea Petkovic bantering on twitter – in a very public and tongue-in-cheek manner – about how handsome the 29-year old is, and how this would affect Petko’s ability to focus while playing mixed doubles with him. Petko also jokingly teased Murray about the time that she would get to spend time with him. So as I was reading one of many articles about the Deliciano themed twitter exchange, I involuntarily giggled out loud at the content of their discussion, which in my defence were quite funny. I was however discovered while laughing away at a computer screen by a few family members. After being coerced into telling them about the source of my amusement, I was promptly instructed to Google image search the Spaniard by my mother – who is about Judy Murray’s age – and sister. They were quite impressed with the results, and now continually ask me if Deliciano is playing whenever the tennis is on.

 Other than gaining Lopez two new fans among my close family, the search also lead to Google recommending some zinger-related searches. I searched the term ‘Feliciano Lopez’, and Google suggested the related searches ‘Feliciano Lopez and Rafael Nadal’, ‘Feliciano Lopez Jockstrap’ and ‘Feliciano Lopez Bulge’ in that order. Naturally more laughter ensued, and while I promise that I didn’t actually click on any of the “suggested search terms”, it did get me thinking – what would the terms image searched in conjunction with the names of the other players be – and what does is say about the player if it says anything at all. Naturally I made a study of it.

 Rafael Nadal: Armani, shirtless, wallpaper, girlfriend, arms and body.

 Novak Djokovic: 2011, shirtless, wallpaper, hot, model and girlfriend.

 Roger Federer: Twins, logo, wallpaper, Wimbledon, wedding and wife.

 Andy Murray: Wimbledon, wallpaper, shirtless and girlfriend.

 Bernard Tomic: 2010, Australian Open, shirtless and girlfriend.

 Mardy Fish: Wife and shirtless.

 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: Girlfriend

 While most of the other gents have somewhat less risqué search terms than the original Lopez search, (except perhaps for Nadal – his Armani campaign was after all an underwear one) I find it really surprising that backhand, forehand or serve don’t feature at all. It seems the searched terms reflect far more on tennis fans than players of the sport. Further proof that good personalities (and faces and bodies) are a major draw-card for tennis.

I initially planned on including the women’s quarter-finalist in this study too, but the terms were a bit dodge, so I think I will leave you to decide if it is a study you wish to make…

Remember to check back later for my list of the Wimbledon Top 10.


One Response to “Tennis players and Google”

  1. Moose June 28, 2011 at 2:39 AM #

    I admit, I have clicked on the ‘Feliciano Lopez jockstrap’ images links

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